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Accelerate your Learning with AccelaStudy Infinite.

Join over 12,000,000 students worldwide who have used previous versions of AccelaStudy to learn a language and now use the same proven technology in AccelaStudy Infinite to learn anything!

From languages to geography, chemistry to college exam prep, AccelaStudy Infinite can help you learn it, quickly and effectively.


Learn Faster with Spaced Repetition

AccelaStudy uses an optimized form of spaced repetition to accelerate learning. Spaced repetition is a proven technique for increasing the effectiveness of study sessions.


Track Your Progress

The application tracks your progress with constantly-updated statistics on what you have learned and automatically focuses your studying on material that needs practice rather than items already mastered.


Curated Content

AccelaStudy Infinite has curated content, verified and vetted for correctness, so you know what you are studying is accurate.

Our curators release new content regularly to keep AccelaStudy Infinite fresh and current.

With an AccelaStudy subscription, you gain access to ALL AccelaStudy content available now as well as all content released in the future.



With an AccelaStudy subscription, you can now use AccelaStudy's proven technology to create and study your own content! The most-requested feature in earlier versions of AccelaStudy is now live in AccelaStudy Infinite.

A clean, intuitive user experience makes entering your own content a quick and painless process. All of your content is safely backed up in the AccelaStudy Cloud and immediately available on all of your iOS devices.


Powerful Tools,
Choose Wisely

AccelaStudy Infinite provides a set of powerful, intuitive activities that help you master new material.



Designed to show all information on one card and optimized for reading through new material.



AccelaStudy Infinite has traditional flashcards with each side showing different information. Simply tap the card to flip between sides.



Match what is shown at top with one of the options in the lower half of the card.


Audio Quiz

Audio Quiz is a great way to test recognition of items through listening.



Spend a lot of time commuting in traffic? AccelaStudy Infinite's Handsfree mode allows you to study while keeping your eyes on the road!

Turn on Handsfree, set your phone aside, and AccelaStudy Infinite will automatically read aloud a term, pause, and then read its definition. What is read is entirely configurable! Trying to memorize the Periodic Table? Handsfree can read the element's name and then its symbol!