Release Notes

AccelaStudy Infinite

AccelaStudy® has been continuously updated since it was first released in the iTunes App Store on Opening Day in July 2008. The value of the application has steadily increased with more vocabulary, audio, a beautiful version for the iPad, artwork for the Retina Display on iPhone and iPad, and now updated for the latest iPhone displays.

Version 1.0 (September 2018)

In version 3.6, we’ve introduced an entirely new sync engine which is faster, more reliable, and more energy-efficient. If you are one of our users with dozens of study sets and hundreds of hours of progress, this update is for you.

  • Updated for iOS 10 and new iPhone models.

  • The professionally recorded audio files are now stored in the AccelaStudy Cloud. You can download this audio at anytime. Your iOS device includes built-in voices. Any content in the application without audio will be read by one of these voices.

  • Further performance improvements and user interface enhancements.

Sync backs up your data in the cloud, enables you to see your study sets and progress on more than one device, and allows AccelaStudy to be shared by multiple users on a single device. The new sync engine was over 4 years in the making and we have big plans for it in future releases.

As always, thank you for using AccelaStudy. We’re honored that you include our application in your learning efforts.